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General Information
What is iTrax?
Why was iTrax created?
What Is HD Audio?
Does HD Fidelity Matter?
Contact iTrax
Licensing iTrax Tracks
Downloading Tracks Again
Founder's Blog

Q: What is iTrax?

A: iTrax is a website for people that love music and appreciate that it deserves to be experienced at its very the highest possible fidelity, with or without video. iTrax that allows visitors to search, select, audition and download individual tracks or entire albums that have been produced using state of the art HD Audio and HD Video equipment. Only tracks that have actually been recorded and delivered in HD, rather than tracks that have been upsampled or transferred from older 'standard definition' sources [as most so-called HD music offerings are], will be available through iTrax. Obviously, this is not a site to find classic or legacy artists. iTrax is intended for people that believe music should take advantage of the very best that technology has to offer, NOT the lowest common denominator. Check out a REAL HD Audio track in surround sound and you will not be disappointed.

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Q: Why was iTrax created?

A: iTrax was created because virtually all digital download websites and the majority of new tracks coming from all record labels are not taking advantage of the technical advances made in the art and science of recording. Think about it...if you knew that better fidelity and a totally immersive music experience was possible but not being promoted because there is 'little public demand for it' AND current distribution models [CDs and MP3s] cannot deliver it, what would you do? There are only two choices. You could continue to produce and release standard definition CDs and dumbed down MP3s in stereo or you could create a website where the finest recordings on the planet could be delivered through the Internet. The same choices have to be made by the people that develop and manufacture consumer electronics. They have to decide to try and make the next generation of playback hardware or get the last bit of fidelity out of existing technologies, i.e. compact discs. iTrax is a not that compromise.

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Q: What Is HD Audio?

A: HD Audio is recorded music or sound that is captured, encoded and reproduced at a fidelity that far exceeds the standard for downloaded music tracks from other sites. Even sites that claim to have 'perfect audio' or 'CD-quality' downloads are limited by the fidelity of the original recordings. The fidelity of HD Audio equals or is very close to the limits of human hearing and must be captured while the musicians/singers are actually in front of state-of-the-art recording equipment. Unfortunately, almost all of the music that you hear is not HD but has been derived from CDs, analog tapes or even vinyl...all of which are Standard Definition. When you hear REAL HD Audio, you'll immediately know the difference.

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Q: Does HD Fidelity Matter?

A: Yes. Once you experience REAL HD Audio in surround sound you will understand why iTrax is committed to elevating the world of digital downloading beyond that of MP3s, 'CD-Quality' files and even so-called 'HD Music Downloads' [remember they are only as good as the sources]. There is a lot more information in the technical section of this website, but here's how my usual presentation goes. Imagine you're lucky enough to own a Ferrari Enzo, a million dollar Italian sports car [they only made 400] that is handmade and capable of going well over 200 miles an hour. The Ferrari has a very powerful engine, 6-speed transmission, racing's a machine built for high performance. But instead of racing fuel, someone decides to pour 81 octane regular gasoline in the tank. How do you think the car is going to perform? Is the real potential of the Enzo possible when the engine is barely able to run? This is the same situation when you equip your media room or automobile with a good audio playback system...either in stereo or the latest 5.1 surround sound and feed it Standard Definition recordings. The expensive cables, amps, speakers and playback sources cannot deliver up to their potential when you playback a CD or even a vinyl disc. Music technology has moved on but sadly the marketplace has not.

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Q: Contact iTrax

A: You can email the iTrax team from our Contact us page or email

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Q: Licensing iTrax Tracks

A: Most iTrax selections are available for licensing. We have over 700 HD Audio tracks and 200 HD Video tracks available for use in all kinds of media. We've made tracks available to Acura, Bose, Creative Labs, Maxell, Meridian Audio and lots of other high-end customers. If you're looking for great music at the ultimate in surround HD fidelity, iTrax is the place to find it. For additional information, see Licensing iTrax Music.

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Q: Downloading Tracks Again

A: If you've previously purchased tracks from our site and suffer a hard drive failure or other technology catastrophe, you can retrieve those tracks again. Simply Login to access your account and click on the "Download Center" button. Choice the invoice from the pop-up menu that has the files you need and click on the red "Start" button. You can also see everything that you've downloaded under the "Download History" tab of the "My Profile" section. Note: You cannot download files from iTrax without first creating an iTrax account.

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Q: Founder's Blog

A: You can read the founder's blog at HD Surround Music

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