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Tue September 02, 2014
Welcome to iTrax
by Mark Waldrep

It seems the time has finally arrived! HRA (High Resolution Audio) or as I prefer to call it, High Definition Audio, is about to go mainstream. With the recent Sony announcements regarding their new high-end audio players and the deployment of their high resolution audio website, it seems consumers have a chance to experience recordings that bring back the fidelity that we've been missing since the introduction of portable digital player, ear buds and MP3 files. And then there's the whole notion of going beyond the limitations of CDs and analog tape and discovering REAL HD-Audio…recordings that have been made that use the full potential of the new equipment.

I'm thrilled that Sony researched the most important sources of high definition music hardware and found AS THE ONLY PARTNER SITE that is exclusively delivering REAL HD-Audio via downloads in stereo and surround, it's an honor to be associated with this new initiative. Take your time to browse our site, listen to our HD selections and check out the articles about this exciting new area of interest.

If you want to purchase physical media of the AIX Records releases, you can visit AIX Records to buy DVD-Audio/Video discs or Blu-ray versions (and yes they have video of the sessions in addition to the HD-Audio music tracks).

I would also highly recommend that you stop by and read my daily post at to get honest and accurate information on better fidelity audio. If you sign up for these emails, you'll stay informed about all aspects of the high-definition audio world. In fact if you stop by and click on the FREE HD-AUDIO downloads banner, I will send you a link to some really amazing REAL HD-Audio files to enjoy...FREE OF CHARGE.

I've been making records for almost 40 years and founded my own high-end record label AIX Records in the year 2000. Since that time, AIX has been leading the charge in the high definition audio market. We don't transfer from analog tape or upconvert standard definition digital files to "high resolution" files. We use and support HD PCM, the best digital, high-definition encoding scheme currently available…by far.

Our site is growing rapidly and will emerge with a completely new look and feel very soon. In the meantime, please browse our catalog and let me know what you think.

iTrax Customer Alert
by Mark Waldrep
Yesterday, I was informed by several customers that someone had gained unauthorized access to my user database and acquired emails and passwords. No credit card information is kept within that database and all financial transactions occur in a secure environment. There were no compromises to financial information or credit cards.

I am working with the developer to implement changes to the system that will update our security situation and prevent this from happening again.

In the meantime, all iTrax customers should change their password in the EDIT PROFILE section of the site. It the last hyperlink in the row. Please email me if you have any problems.

I apologize for the unfortunate revelation of client's emails and passwords. I will sending out an email soon with updates.
iTrax Downloader is Problematic
by Mark Waldrep
The current version of the Downloader was developed in Javascript, which as it turns out was probably not the best idea. There have been repeated reports of problems from a users on either PC or Mac.

We're working on another version and hope to have that available within the next few months. In the meantime, you should use the downloader that is part of your browser. It does mean that you will have to access one track at a time. For those of you with larger orders, please contact me and I will provide an alternative solution.

Thanks for your patience.
Satta Massaggana
Order Of Distinction
Pall's Mall
1. Goldberg Variations Acoustica
The AIX Allstar Band

2. Acoustic Guitar
Peppino D'Agostino

3. Guitar Noir
Laurence Juber

4. Divertimenti

5. Nitty Gritty Surround
John McEuen and Jimmy Ibbotson

6. The Gypsy Life
John Gorka

7. Resolution
Vantage Point

8. Charmed
Lisbeth Scott

9. Rumor Mill
The Carl Verheyen Band

10. Order Of Distinction
Ernest Ranglin

by Mark Waldrep
The Gypsy Life
Artist: John Gorka
John Gorka is one of my favorite artists. His songs and his voice are memorable, meaningful and introspective. His career spans over 30 years since his early days playing in college through 10 albums for Red House Records and Windham Hill. He even had a number of country hits and some music videos on CMT. But I don't think of his music as country...more folk. I've collected almost all of his recordings after being hooked by "Land of the Bottom Line" on a recommendation of my sister. But the sound of his recordings don't do justice to the magic of his resonant voice and his sincere approach to songs. This HD Audio and Video Collectors Edition bring this artist and a few of his musician friends into your personal space to perform a private concert for you.
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