Albert Lee – Tearing It Up


Albert Lee is one of the best guitarists to ever play the instrument. Having played with the Everly Brothers, Emmylou Harris, and Eric Clapton, he defined a style of playing that is uniquely his own.

“What can one say about the sound on this disc, except to call it perfect?”

That sentence from a review on the SoundStage Network written by Rad Bennett is welcome news for one of my favorite artists. Check out the entire review at: SoundStage Experience Review

If you’re a fan of guitars, Albert Lee is a name your certain to know. He came to prominence with his first band, Heads, Hands and Feet in the 1960s. After a few albums on Capitol, Albert toured extensively with The Crickets, The Everly Brothers, Emmylou Harris and with guitar superstar Eric Clapton. When he’s not playing on the Concert For George or Crossroads, Albert fronts his own touring band, Hogan’s Heros. He has several CDs on Sugarhill records and numerous instructional videos on WB and other labels. His unique style is a continuing source of inspiration for upcoming guitarists…no matter what the style.

We recorded this project several years ago and intended to make it available as one of our Collector’s Edition titles, but abandoned that product in favor of the Blu-ray version. This disc still features a large number of bonus features but is all about the amazing playing of this unique artist. It won Record of the Month in November of 2012 in Stereophile.

The technology of recording in real-surround HD-Audio coupled with the capability of the blu-ray format to deliver HD-Video brings the intimacy of the performance into your own personal listening space. Watch it with the video or simply sit back and revel in the music as it is passed between members of the group.

This disc was shot using HD video equipment and is compatible with all blu-ray players. However, the HD-Audio, which is encoded in Dolby TrueHD cannot be played back on a Sony PS3. The legacy audio will play instead.

Audio Samples

  1. I’m Ready –
  2. Rock Around With Ollie Vee –
  3. Hanging On –
  4. Restless –
  5. Brand New Heartache –
  6. Till I Gain Control Again –
  7. Sleepless Nights –
  8. Luxury Liner –
  9. Evangelina –
  10. Rock Of Your Love –
  11. >Country Boy –
  12. Don’t –
  13. Dimming Of The Day –
  14. Tear It Up –