The Carl Verheyen Band – Rumor Mill


Carl Verheyen, guitarist for Supertramp since 1996, has his own trio and offers virtuoso guitar playing with Cliff Hugo and big band drummer Bernie Dresel. This Collectors Edition contains electric, acoustic, and a live concert.

Carl Verheyen is a virtuoso guitarist that is equally home in the studios of Los Angeles as he is playing with his own trio or rocking out with the super group Supertramp (he has been a member since 1985). As a guitarist myself, I figured I had heard about most of my guitar heros…I have to admit that I didn’t really know who Carl was prior to Cliff Hugo mentioned him to me back in 2005. After checking out his credentials and after hearing his unique style of ripping up and down the neck of his seafoam green 1982 Stratocaster, I was hooked. Carl is the real deal.

Carl’s production holds a special distinction at AIX Records. It was the first one that I shot in HD AND it was was the first and last time that I produced a live concert as part of the production. This is a double album with 21 tracks.

The Carl Verheyen Band

Audio Samples:

  1. Wild Flower #2 –
  2. Henry’s Farm –
  3. Chinatown –
  4. Silence Is Golden –
  5. Misunderstood –
  6. Nordenham –
  7. Two Trains –
  8. Lone Star –
  9. Holly House –
  10. Passing Through –
  11. Slang Justice –
  12. Down Like Hail –
  13. Slingshot –
  14. Revival Downs –
  15. No Walkin Blues –
  16. Highland Shuffle –
  17. Maggies Ladder –
  18. Diamonds –
  19. Place For Me –
  20. Rumor Mill –
  21. Wasted Blues –