Beethoven – Symphony No. 6 / Respighi – Pines of Rome – Zdenek Macal – NJSO


The Grammy-winning New Jersey Symphony performs two of the most recognized classical masterworks under the baton of Maestro Zdenek Macal in this first high-resolution orchestra recording in stereo and 5.1 surround.

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The original plan had been for another traditional CD of two classical masterworks, however some last minutes changes resulted in the first high-resolution DVD-Audio/Video disc of a major symphony orchestra. And it goes much further than that. This recording was done with 12 stereo pairs of microphones placed throughout the ensemble — 24 channels of 96 kHz/24 Bit audio! The unusually large number of tracks allowed mixer Mark Waldrep, President and Founder of AIX Records, to create a listening perspective from the conductor’s podium. By placing sound virtualy all around the listener, the orchestra “envelopes” you unlike any symphony orchestra recording you’ve heard before. Captured with multiple cameras for the DVD-Video side of the disc, this DVD has several alternative mixes [including from the audience], interviews, information about the venue and photos from the sessions. Truly a watershed event for symphonic recording.

This project is loaded with bonus features including:

• Behind the scenes video
• Complete biography of Beethoven and Respighi
• Chapter markers that match the rehearsal letters
• Multiple Camera Angles – Conductor View
• Commentary track by Jamie Bernstein Thomas
• Photo Gallery

AIX Records’ premium DVD-Audio/Video discs have two sides. The first side in an interactive DVD-Video disc and the other side is a DVD-Audio disc [which requires a DVD-Audio capable machine to play it back].

The sound of this recording brings these incredible musicians into your listening space. The HD-Audio surround mixes immerse you in the musical interplay with full range frequency response and dynamics.

Audio Samples:

    Beethoven Symphony No. 6

  1. Mvt. I – Allegro ma non troppo –
  2. Mvt. 2 – Andante molto mosso –
  3. Mvt. 3 – Allegro –
  4. Mvt. 4 – Allegro –
  5. Mvt. 5 – Allegretto –
  6. Respighi – The Pines of Rome

  7. Mvt. 1 – The Pines of the Villa Borghese –
  8. Mvt. 2 – The Pines near a Catacomb –
  9. Mvt. 3 – The Pines of the Janiculum –
  10. Mvt. 4 – The Pines of the Appian Way –