Ian Whitcomb and the Bungalow Boys – Turned On Alley


Ian Whitcomb was a teenage sensation in the 1960s and shared a bill with The Rolling Stones!! He’s back with a reimagined take on tin pan alley.

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Ian Whitcomb is a name you might recognize if you grew up in the 60’s and were paying attention to Top 40 radio. As a young musician/singer in his early 20’s, Ian rocked onto the pop charts with a novelty tune called “You Turn Me On”. Since that time, he has become an acknowledged expert on and performer of American Songs and songs of the early 20th century. A thoroughly likeable character, Ian Whitcomb brings a unique energy to his ukulele and accordion playing…but it’s his infectious singing that you will enjoy most.

This is collection of tin pan alley songs from the first half of the 20th century. Novelty tunes and clever lyrics are brought to life as Ian his intrepid band of musicians, the Bungalow Boys, bring yesterday’s music into the 21st century with high definition audio recording and video. This is a special project filled with notable musical selections and lots of up tempo ditties.

The disc is loaded with bonus materials including:

• Archival video from the 60’s

• Scans of the actual sheet music from the time or the original publications

• Artist interviews

• Biographies

• Photo Gallery

• Multiple 5.1 surround mixes

• Complete session video

• Stereo 96/24 PCM mix

• Setup and technical section

AIX Records’ premium DVD-Audio/Video discs have two sides. The first side in an interactive DVD-Video disc and the other side is a DVD-Audio disc [which requires a DVD-Audio capable machine to play it back].

The sound of this recording brings Ian and the Bungalow Boys into YOUR listening space. The HD-Audio surround mixes immerse you in the musical interplay with full range frequency response and dynamics.

Audio Samples:

  1. Medley: Hello/When You’re Smiling –
  2. I Still Get A Thrill (Thinking Of You) –
  3. I’ll See You In C-U-B-A –
  4. Are You Lonesome Tonight? –
  5. Right Or Wrong –
  6. Hesitation Blues –
  7. Dada! Dada! –
  8. The Pied Piper Of Hamelin –
  9. Things That Remind Me Of You –
  10. Meow! –
  11. Amapola –
  12. When We’re Dancing –
  13. Rosy Cheeks –
  14. Painted, Tainted Rose –
  15. Pasadena –
  16. Heartaches –
  17. I Wonder Where My Little Hula Girl Has Gone? –
  18. A Thousand Goodnights –