Jonathan McEuen – One Step Ahead


Jonathan McEuen is the son of string wizard John McEuen of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and has been playing music since he was a child. I have recorded him numerous times and am amazed at his talent!

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Nathan McEuen, guitar and vocals
Jesse Siebenberg, guitar, vocals, and drums
Randy Tico, bass
Chester Cooley, percussion

Jonathan McEuen has performed with his father and friends for over 15 years. His voice and guitar playing have been heard on AIX Records previously. If you’ve enjoyed “Shady Grove” on the award-winning Nitty Gritty Surround DVD, then this project is for you. Jonathan is a unique talent apart from his father. I first saw him perform on the Santa Monica pier at the reconstituted but short-lived Ash Grove club. He was not even out of his teens, but his singing and playing was of a seasoned professional. It was obvious to everyone gathered for the show that evening that Jonathan had that unique combination of genes and motivation that was certain to propell him to a major career.

Over the years, I’ve gotten to know Jonathan as an amazing talent and genuine spirit. He’s always come through when a project was in the works. This time around it was his turn and I was very grateful that his close friend Jesse Siebenberg was able to participate on this project. Jesse is a second generation “rock” star as well as Jonathan. His father is Jim Siebenberg, the drummer for Supertramp. But Jesse is a special talent as well. He plays the drums, guitar and sings wonderfully but also produces a large number of projects in the Ojai area.

Jonathan’s brother Nathan McEuen was also on this date and contributed one of the best songs of the set with “Grand Design”. He’s got a great set of vocal cords and sings/plays in perfect harmony with his sibling.

This collection of tunes ranges from purely acoustic to light electric. The guitars are supported by an acoustic bass played by Randy Tico and some percussion by Chester Cooley, fellow musicians from the Ojai/Santa Barbara area.

Audio Samples:

  1. The Two Of Us –
  2. Prayer For You –
  3. Lockout –
  4. You Will Always Win –
  5. Ocean –
  6. Seven Shades Of Blue –
  7. Grand Design –
  8. Stone Cold World –
  9. Jake –
  10. Red, Red Hair –
  11. The Day I Made The Devil Cry –
  12. Need Man –
  13. Shady Grove –
  14. Lowlands –
  15. Fool Around –