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The Banda Brothers – Primavera


This is among my favorite albums…the performance of Primavera along is worth the cost of the entire album. Ramon Banda brought in a bunch of terrific musicians to cast this Latin project.

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The Banda Brothers project includes a collection of diverse tunes performed by some incredible musician friends of Ramon Banda, drummer and percussionist with Pancho Sanchez and now leader of his own band. I was thrilled to connect with guitarist Ron Eschet´é after over 25 years. When I first arrived in California in the 1970s, I would drive with my Gibson ES-175 to Long Beach and study with this fabulous musician. Another standout for me is the tune “Primavera” sung by Destani Wolf. I included that tune on our blu-ray sampler and people have been asking for it for years now. I’m thrilled that I can finally complete this project.

  • Destani Wolf, vocalsNando Perez, vocals
  • Tom Catanzaro, saxophone
  • Joe Bagg, organ
  • Ron Escheté, guitar
  • Chris Barron, piano
  • Alberto Salas, piano
  • Danilo Lozano, flute
  • Rene Camacho, bass
  • Joey De Leon, congas
  • Ramon Banda, drums

This is an eclectic selection of latin flavored tunes played with tremendous energy and engagement. Check out the samples and imagine this group in your own home.

This disc was shot using HD video equipment and is presented in 16:9 HD-Video on this Blu-ray disc.

Audio Samples:

  1. Fried Pies –
  2. The Eternal Triangle –
  3. Primavera –
  4. Bolivia –
  5. When I Was There –
  6. Sweet Lorraine –
  7. Song For My Lydia –
  8. El Swing –