Dorian Michael – Acoustic Blues


Dorian and I went to CSU Northridge in the 80s. His impeccable musicianship and clever compositions are featured in this recording with guests Laurence Juber and Albert Lee!

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Joined by two legendary guitarists Albert Lee and Laurence Juber, Dorian Michael is an accomplished soloist in his own right, having released 10 records over the past 25 years. On this recording he explores the blues with an ensemble consisting of guitars, bass, piano and drums. An all acoustic, high definition recording, the tracks on this album demonstrate the ultimate in sonic fidelity combined with terrific musicianship and well-crafted tunes.

This DVD-Audio/Video was recently named one of the “top acoustics guitar albums” and was selected as a Stereophile Magazine “Record to Die For” by reviewer Kalman Rubinson in 2004, the only DVD-Audio disc to make the list. Guitarists and audiophile have raved about the “in your living room” sound and energy of this AIX Records release.

It was through this project that I was first introduced to Albert and LJ. What a special session we had! These guys were completely on their game and the interplay of soloing was amazing.

Audio Samples:

  1. Jam On This –
  2. Jam On This –
  3. Broad Street Blues –
  4. All Blues –
  5. Gardenia Shuffle –
  6. Easy Does It –
  7. All Dressed Up –
  8. Oakdale Special –
  9. Very Blue Hawaii –
  10. Slow Blues in C –
  11. El Morro –
  12. Gravel Flats –